La collezione Four Climes di Baracuta è appena stata lanciata, ma ha già iniziato a fare scalpore nel mondo della moda. Dai pensionati ai ragazzini: tutti, anche i più insospettabili, non vedono l’ora di mettere le mani su questa linea. E non c’è da stupirsi: questa capsule riesce a fondere impeccabilmente le radici britanniche di Baracutala sua esperienza di successo negli Stati Uniti e il design del genio creativo giapponese Daiki Suzuki. Baracuta started out in Manchester, England, way back in 1937. By the 1950s, it had set up shop in the Empire State Building, giving it the opportunity to grow and flourish in the US market. During this time, the brand went by the name Four Climes, which has now been brought back for the SS23 collection. Daiki Suzuki is known for his unique aesthetic that blends traditional Japanese design with contemporary Western influences. Baracuta and Daiki are introducing a seven-piece collection that pays homage to all three cultures: the UK, the USA, and Japan.

The materials used in the collection are key to its success. Baracuta Cloth, the brand's signature material, used in many of its most iconic pieces, including the G9 Harrington Jacket, G4 Jacket, and G12 Coat. It's also used in the Four Climes collection, alongside Solaro, Denim, and Cotton. Solaro is a famous fabric in the fashion world, renowned for its iridescent effect. This comes from the construction of the yarn, which gives it a shimmering, almost otherworldly quality. Denim, on the other hand, represents the fusion of American style with Baracuta's English DNA. It's the first time the brand has used denim in its garments, and it's sure to be a hit with fans.

The collection features four jackets, two parkas, and one pair of trousers, all inspired by classic US clothing. The Derby jacket, for example, maintains the classic pocket flaps of the G9 Harrington Jacket, but it ditches the umbrella back yoke and Fraser tartan. It also has an extra pocket in the back, making it stand out from the crowd. The Derby jacket comes in Baracuta Cloth, Solaro, Denim, and multicoloured big check high count cotton poplin. The parka is a modern take on the classic English mod-style model. Suzuki has completely deconstructed it and altered the side structure by giving it two button-up pleats. The parka is oversized, giving it a more contemporary feel that's perfect for those who want to make a statement. And then there's the Baracuta Cloth Brighton Trousers, a versatile addition to any wardrobe that can be paired with almost any outfit.

The collection was shot in Japan by creative legends Sabukaru and features three members of the Tokyo-based band Gliiico: Nico, Kai, and Kio de Torres. The band members are brothers born in Vancouver, Canada, and they've made a name for themselves since releasing their debut single "Around". They not only make music but also model, and Nico is also a director. Their band name comes from Glico curry, which they ate as children. They've now released projects and features with numerous Tokyo creatives who are among some of the hottest names in the scene right now. Sabukaru always tries to connect past and future cultural leaders, so they took the chance to connect Baracuta's heritage and deep subcultural roots in music with the new leaders of the contemporary Tokyo music scene. The resulting campaign perfectly captures the spirit of the Four Climes collection.

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